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SOLID Event Crew is a full-service back-of-house agency that connects experienced staff to top class events.

Many young talents are looking for an opportunity to start working in the event industry, but they don’t have a clue where to start.
Simultaneously, companies within the event industry are struggling to find suitable young talent that can fill the vacancies and junior positions within their organisations.

SOLID brings these parties together, by actively scouting young talent and offering them opportunities to gain work experience within the event industry, as well as providing them career guidance. With many years of diverse work experience within the festival industry, SOLID knows how to recognize young talent – with the right ‘event DNA’ and work ethic – that has potential and a matching skill set for various event related specialisations.

SOLID provides their portfolio of event industry clients a high standard and skilled crew, suitable to fill in various gaps of event disciplines. The driving force is a carefully selected crew database, in which a specific ‘event DNA’ is obligatory and that recognizes and selects the right people for the highly demanding and ever changing event industry. This year the crew within the SOLID database filled vacancies such as barcrew, production office managers, guest attendees hostesses, VIP hostesses as well as stagehands and site crew. The barcrew discipline solely covered a daily workload of 1,300 bar shifts on multiple festivals such as Amsterdam Open Air, Awakenings Festival, LatinVillage, Defqon.1, Mysteryland en Decibel outdoor.


Experienced and qualified bar crew with the natural eagerness to work in the event sector. Various tasks behind the bars are fulfilled, from tapping perfect bright beer to handing out trays of drinks to thirsty event visitors, and from leading the team to working as project managers.


SOLID uses their broad network to realize the ambitions of young talent through recruitment, job coaching and education to ensure everyone a productive and suitable work experience.


Qualified staff that provides event support with job tasks as taking care of the back office, coordination of entrances, production assistants and party managers.


Experienced Site Crew that can be deployed for placing fences, laying floors, build up food areas and tents, all the tasks that requires power!

I got connected to a very fruitful and fun internship. Thanks!

Merijn Furstertrainee producer

Apart from the fact that’s it’s a super cozy work atmosphere, I got the chance to work one week in a row on a project for the company behind the event, Q-Dance. I feel that SOLID supports me in every possible way to realize my dream by exploring the work field in the event sector. I feel privileged. A great company to work for.

Lilian Broekmeijerbar assistant

It’s not a regular job to take upon besides my study. SOLID assists me to further explore the industry and gives me the chance and handles to do so. Through SOLID I explored the content of several internships this summer, which resulted in a match with a fixed internship at Awakenings. Thanks for the advice and support.

Larissa Knolbar assistant

I’ve worked at several companies within the catering industry, but the work I do at SOLID finally feels like the perfect match, I enjoy every part of it.

Stefanie Koorneefbar assistant

With the assistance of SOLID I got hired as a Junior Producer at one of their partner companies.

James Snoerwangjunior producer

You have to work a lot, but the love and fun you get in return is definitely worth it. From the nicest colleagues to the nicest event visitors.

Truc Nguyenbar assistant

SOLID gives you the opportunity to grow in the event sector. The variation in events and location makes sure there is never a dull moment and a match for everyone.

Ellen Dirksbar assistant

The absolute number one when it comes to on-site festival logistics. A well-organized company with a wonderful team and a great range of events, which is envied by many other companies. The ultimate summer job for the music lover!

Casper van Tongerenbar assistant